Vacuum Melting & Casting

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Vacuum Melting & Casting

Titanium and Reactive Metals

Vacuum investment casting is the process used in lost-wax technique to get a metal replica from wax or resin patterns.
The pattern is designed and then built in wax or resin by different equipment as CNC, 3D printers, by means of wax injection in a mould, or even manually.
For Titanium and Reactive metals casting, used in fields like Aerospace, Automotive and Medical, TOPCAST proposes the following categories of furnaces:

  • TCE – Vacuum Centrifugal Casting Machines for high metal yield, thin and large surfaces and challenging and detailed parts.
  • TVM – Vacuum Gravity Furnace (V.I.M. system); available either for skull melting (cold crucible) for no melt contamination, or hot crucible melting for over-heating and high efficiency processes.
  • ​FCC – Electrical Ovens for wax / resin removal and refractory mould baking.

Complete foundries setup can be supplied on request.

TOPCAST also provides installation and commissioning on site.
Vacuum Melting & Casting

TCE – Centrifugal Casting

TCE are consistent, robust and easy to use vacuum centrifugal vacuum casting machines designed for small and medium casting laboratories. They can be manufactured in Class A or Class B. TCE in Class… Details >

Vacuum Melting & Casting

TVM – High Vacuum

Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) furnaces allow to obtain results unattainable by conventional furnaces, since they allow to melt and cast reactive alloys such as titanium or inconel, or reduce the porosity… Details >

Vacuum Melting & Casting

FCC – Burnout and De-waxing

TOPCAST offers a wide range of electrical burnout furnaces for baking molds. They provide also wax removal and collection functions. They provide also wax removal and collection functions. The furnace… Details >