Automatic Data Processing Stock Competitors & Similar Stocks

//Automatic Data Processing Stock Competitors & Similar Stocks

Automatic Data Processing Stock Competitors & Similar Stocks

who are adp competitors

HR support is included with most options but is limited under the most affordable options. Employees can log in to the system either from a web browser or the mobile app to view their previous paystubs and year-end tax forms. They can manage their direct deposit information and access other ADP programs, such as the time and attendance system or 401 retirement plans, from their personal dashboards.

who are adp competitors

Your payroll shouldn’t be a task, it should be simple and well supported. Our “high-tech, high-touch” process gives you the best of both worlds. Don’t be another ticket number, be a member of the ERG family. Our online payroll services allow you to make payroll happen in three easy clicks each pay period. Make that a worry of the past and boost your effectiveness. Our small business payroll services will help you focus on your business again. The RTS-Advantage Accounting System, introduced in 1983 as the first PC-based accounting system for small to medium-sized businesses, continues to be the most feature-rich and flexible system available.

Workzoom will do your administrative heavy lifting to save you countless hours of tracking and organizing information while eliminating repetitive data entry. Reclaim your valuable time while gaining powerful business insight so you can get back to focusing on what you do best. ADP has been in the game of helping small businesses for more than 60 years and they have a number of business solutions to offer. ADP actually offers a variety of payroll software plans for their users, depending on business size and needs. If you’ve been considering payroll services for your small business, you’ve probably come across Automatic Data Processing, or ADP. Founded in 1949, ADP is a huge name in the business world and has developed software to help businesses of all sizes pay and hire employees, as well as provide benefits. ADP is one of the best choices for businesses that plan to expand and hire more employees in the near future.

If you are contacted by a member of the media regarding a matter involving ADP, you must refer the inquiry to Corporate Communications. If you are contacted by a member of the investment or analyst community, or you receive an investment inquiry related to ADP, you must refer the inquiry to Investor Relations. No ADP associate may buy or sell securities while aware of material information not available to the public. Persons who give such undisclosed “inside” information to others may be as liable as persons who trade securities while aware of such information. Securities laws may be violated if you, or any relatives or friends, trade in securities of ADP, or any of its clients or vendors, while aware of “inside” information.

About Adp

Never ask any person to violate a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement or to reveal confidential or proprietary information. You must comply at all times with ADP’s Global Privacy Policy and the related privacy and information security standards that ADP has adopted. Dealing with government employees is often different than dealing with private persons. Many governmental bodies in the United States and abroad strictly prohibit the receipt of any gratuities by their employees, including meals and entertainment. ADP’s Anti-Bribery Policy contains detailed rules applicable to interactions with government officials. You must be aware of and strictly follow the prohibitions set out in ADP’s Anti-Bribery Policy. ADP has a long and proud tradition of conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with both the letter and spirit of all applicable laws.

Calculate paychecks and process taxes automatically with OnPay, a top-rated online payroll service. OnPay can process payroll anytime, anywhere with online access through mobile or desktop portals. OnPay was designed to satisfy the needs of payroll professionals, providing them with more flexibility and more features compared to other services. Vista Payroll by PDS is a fully integrated platform designed for organizations that require efficient and reliable payroll solution. Using the power of Vista’s proprietary payroll engine, Vista Payroll offers the capability to run your payroll in-house. Additionally, the platform eliminates the need for maintaining duplicate information while allowing for decentralized processing with centralized reporting. Primary features include complete payroll administration, time collection, calendars and auto-pay generation, tax maintenance service, on-demand check calculation and creation, among others.

Mobile tools for employees and managers make it easy to stay on top of tasks while on the go. Whether swapping shifts, completing questionnaires, enrolling in benefits, or approving time sheets, Benetech makes it easy to manage and engage your workforce no matter where you are. Create salaries, bonuses and manage your payroll fast including processing pay-slips in bulk. Any loans disbursed, cash advance payments to employees or deductions are easily tracked. Add pension related schemes that an employee might opt for.

who are adp competitors

Use the hiring, payroll, and performance management tools alongside benefits administration modules to give employees full-service HR from a single app. Paychex has payroll solutions for all business sizes and service needs, from small businesses with few complicated tax exceptions to multinational enterprise businesses with several tax codes to balance.

Sahaj Payroll

Give your employees controlled access to view payslips and leave balances; and submit timesheets, leave requests and expense claims online or from their phone. The only software endorsed by the IMSS to unify SUA, IDSE and payroll. Automate your payroll management to reduce your workload and operating costs.

Quickly export time card data to your payroll provider or easily allow accountant access to your time clock data via email invite. The user-friendly dashboard also allows business owners and admins to manage PTO. Receive, approve, or deny paid time off requests sent by an employee through the time clock system. Additionally, experience a variety of robust employee time clock features such as GPS, scheduling, job and product costing, and much more.

  • BambooHR is the #1 online HR system for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The essential plan includes a wealth of integrations you can use to enhance aspects of the service where necessary without upgrading, too.
  • With international payroll processing and tax obligations covered in 150+ countries, we are ready to support your global footprint and expansion plans.
  • RTS-Advantage is sold through our network of resellers, every one a seasoned expert with the software, so training and support is never more than a phone call away.

Get complete payroll visibility in the cloud while removing manual data entry. Employee self service portal allows employees to manage timesheets, clock in and out of shifts, view pay slips, rosters, bank details, and more. In an ever-evolving payroll tax landscape, options matter; especially when you’re doing business in multiple states and jurisdictions. Rely on our services and feel at ease knowing we stay on top of 11,000+ taxing agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada, so you don’t have to.

Overall, we found Paychex to be the best ADP competitor for payroll services, with the right features that small businesses need, like two-day direct deposit and 24/7 quality payroll support. It’s very similar to ADP in the range of services it provides but has additional employee benefits you may want to offer plus a special plan for solopreneurs.

The 6 Best Adp Competitors

To learn more about Rippling’s robust HR features and payroll add-on, read our Rippling review. If you want to learn whether or not its payroll and HR functionalities can handle your business needs, read our Zenefits review. To learn more about how Gusto is designed to help small businesses with their payroll and HR tasks, read our Gusto review. If you want to learn whether or not its payroll functionalities can handle your business needs, read our Paychex Flex review. In addition to the number of payroll reports, we considered whether they are customizable or if you could create special reports that fit your specific needs. Paychex and Inova are more competitive in this area; similar to ADP, they provide a large number of reports and give users the ability to build their own from scratch. Charlette has over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance and 2 years of partnering with HR leaders on freelance projects.

Similar analysis has also been done for the competitors of the company belonging to the same category, sector or industry. Browse marketing analysis of more brands and companies similar to ADP. This section covers SWOT Analysis, Competitors, Segmentation, Target Market, Positioning & USP of more than 2500 brands from over 20 industry sectors.

who are adp competitors

AccountRight software for PCs keeps you on track and in control. Be in the know with automatic exchange rates, manual rate comparisons, and easily linked foreign bank accounts. Keep an eye on how much time and money you’re spending and how it stacks up against your plans and profits.

The Chrome browser has a useful tool I like to use called, which maps the workflow of the businesses I manage. By mapping out the existing process, I can see if there are bottlenecks in the payroll and HR processes, or identify underutilized services for which I’m paying. If you have only a handful of employees, you may possess a basic understanding of how your payroll workflow works in conjunction with timekeeping, human resources, and retirement plans. If this is the case, it may be possible to cost effectively piece together an alternative to ADP and Paychex by using a combination of individual solutions. For example, ADP RUN is geared more towards payroll than human resource management. This contrasts with its more affordable alternatives, which include more diverse features, such as Justworks and Zenefits. And as your business expands, a unified global payroll portal ensures your people get the best care.

SWOT Analysis is a proven management framework which enables a brand like ADP to benchmark its business & performance as compared to the competitors. ADP is one of the leading brands in the IT & Technology sector. Use in combination with the above time tracking spreadsheets.

That means you can run payroll quickly and easily without having to input information manually. You can QuickBooks create and download a number of payroll reports, including payroll history, bank transactions and more.

Adp Globalview

Payroll performs processing for salaried and hourly employees. Employee information includes deductions, leaves, benefits, taxes, and direct deposit bank accounts. Payroll handles all federal, state, county, and local tax rules.

The Number Of Companies That Have Started Using Adp Workforce Now In The Past Month

One of our Tech Advisors will be calling you within the next business day to help narrow down the best options for your business. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. To learn more about QuickBooks Payroll and how to use it for your business, read our QuickBooks Payroll review. To learn more about Inova and whether it will fit your business needs, read our Inova Payroll review.

BambooHR is best for businesses in need of software with features similar to ADP RUN but with more recruiting capabilities. BambooHR is a more feature-rich alternative to ADP RUN. ADP RUN is more effective for running payroll than BambooHR. However, we recommend Online Accounting BambooHR over ADP RUN for its wider and more user-friendly breadth of features. Below is a chart that compares each platform’s features and affordability. They differ primarily based on how affordable each platform is and how wide their breadth of features is.

Automate complex HR processes with Ascentis, a trusted provider of Human Capital Management software solutions. Designed for midmarket businesses based in the US, Ascentis suite of solutions not only help companies save time and money, it also helps them manage the workforce and stay on top of their needs. Ascentis’ full range of solutions include applicant tracking and onboarding, benefits management, compliance management, robust reporting, talent management, payroll, time and attendance, and more. UltiPro’s payroll software within their human capital management solution makes payroll easy for companies with multiple locations across the US and Canada.

IiPay’s flexible platform and international payroll experts won’t lock you into a fixed unchangeable system. The iiPay cloud-based payroll, tax and treasury solution fits your business now and in the future. Employees are more productive knowing they can depend on you, so keep them smiling – anywhere and in any language.

A critical component — and one that could be costing you in your hiring battles — is your talent acquisition software. Let Paycom help improve your odds in winning the war for talent, get new hires to hit the who are adp competitors ground running and reduce exposure to employment law violations. With Paycom’s all-in-one software, you can boost employee satisfaction – and control salary budgets – by linking performance with compensation.

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