How To Do Employee Background Checks

//How To Do Employee Background Checks

How To Do Employee Background Checks

As soon as you start asking for opinions — questions about character, attitude, etc. — you’re doing an investigative consumer report. This falls under federal law and you’ll be required to give notice to the applicant, give them an option to ask for details, and comply with their requests. If you need this sort of information, it’s best to get legal advice first. This site, and any downloads or external sites to which it connects, are not intended to provide legal advice, but rather general legal information. No attorney-client relationship is created by using any information on this site, or any downloads or external links on the site.

Running background checks on employees

For more information on correcting information with the background check company and notifying the employer of the correction, see PG. In this context, “adverse action” means denying employment to a candidate because of information found in their background check. Should this happen, Workable and Checkr guide you through this process in accordance with the FCRA. Moreover, the Americans with Disabilities Act limits inquiries to information related to the candidate’s ability to perform essential job duties. Under the ADA, an employer may ask disability-related questions or require a physical or medical examination of an applicant only after it has made a conditional job offer and when the inquiry is relevant to the position. An employer can decide not to hire the person only if he is unable to perform the essential functions of the job because of a medical condition with or without reasonable accommodation.

Employment Background Check Details

Then, you can decide whether to proceed or to deny the candidate employment. Critical information will often come up in the most mundane steps of the background check. Make sure that hiring managers take the process seriously and that they pay attention to the valuable information obtained. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is clear on what you can and cannot do as part of a background check with regards to credit information. This document provides a nice summary of how the information should be treated from the candidate’s perspective.

Running background checks on employees

We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail. Please do not send any confidential information to us until such time as an attorney-client relationship has been established. On the other hand, if the company didn’t check, and there were previous license suspensions, the company could be found liable for the injury. That’s because it could have found out about the employee’s previous driving record, but failed to check. For more information on what you can do if an employer does NOT give you an Adverse Action Notice or does NOT follow any of the other laws described here, see PG.

General Screening

Machines perform existing processes, including the replacement of repetitive and standardized tasks previously done by humans. Request a demo to learn how you can improve your hiring process with our all-in-one recruitment software. Using these types of checks help you uphold your decision to hire your best candidate or avoid hiring someone who proves unsuitable. The problem with this method is that it’s hard to be100% sure you got the right person and that the information you’re seeing is accurate. It’s also possible that you’ll see information that you should not legally be using in your consideration for a new hire. Know the difference between reference checks and investigative consumer reports.

The first three best ways include searches of available public records, including the county records, the local police records and the state correctional records. The county courthouse can yield a variety of public records, including marriages, divorces, arrests and property ownership. Local police departments offer information on those who have a criminal background, in addition to providing details about area sex offenders. Local police departments can also connect with other police departments to find out if a person new to the area is listed as a sexual predator elsewhere. The state correctional department can also provide information about criminal history. For those willing to pay a small fee, websites such as compile many of these details together in one record.

The employer must follow additional legal rules both before AND after taking any adverse action against you. The employer must give you a chance to request a copy of the background check report they got. There should be a box you can check to request copy of your report—usually it will be on the same form you sign to give permission for the background check. Always check YES to get a copy of the report so you can see what the employer sees! If you check the box to request a copy of your background check report, the employer must send you a copy of the report within 3 business days from the time when the employer receives it. If an employer uses an applicant’s credit history to make a hiring decision, the applicant must be provided a copy of the report and a written explanation of the effect.

These days, most businesses conduct some kind of background check before hiring employees. Background checks may range from simple verification that a person’s resume and application details are accurate to a more extensive search of recent addresses, driving record, criminal history. The more sensitive the position, the more sophisticated the background check tends to be. Families hiring a nanny want to be sure they are not hiring someone who has a criminal record around children; nor does a bank want to hire a former thief. Reviewing the best ways to conduct a background check can ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Ways Workable Helps You Create A Great Candidate Experience

Your only responsibility toward compliance will be to apply the same fair standards to all candidates when requesting background checks and using the results to make hiring decisions. Locator Select queries over 2400 jurisdictions for bookings and incarcerations, covering most of the incarcerated population in the US, and locates additional jurisdictions where a candidate may have criminal record history. Possible felony monitoring development background and misdemeanor convictions as well as pending cases are verified against primary source court records to validate the record before it is reported. In many industries, it is standard procedure to run background checks on prospective employees before officially offering them a position. If you’re considering incorporating background checks into your hiring process, here are some things to take into consideration.

  • The ADA prohibits you from inquiring into an applicant’s workers’ comp history on a job application or during an interview.
  • In fact, 95% of employers surveyed by Robert Half feel that a poor hiring decision affects the morale of the whole team.
  • GoodHire is an FCRA-compliant employment screening service that automates and simplifies the background check process.
  • Employers have an obligation to create a safe workplace for employees.
  • The law is there to protect you as an employer, from claims of negligent hiring, and your candidate from privacy breaches or discrimination.
  • Hiring someone with false credentials might directly affect your existing employees.
  • The types of checks a potential employee could conduct include a criminal background check, references at prior jobs, and verification of an applicant’s education.

Under certain circumstances, a background check may include workers’ compensation history. You must ensure that you comply with all applicable laws if you seek such information. An individual’s workers’ comp history typically is a matter of public record, but you cannot use the information to discriminate against a job applicant. The ADA prohibits you from inquiring into an applicant’s workers’ comp history on a job application or during an interview. You may ask such questions and conduct a workers’ comp history background check only after you have made a conditional job offer.

Deficiencies and then inform the employee when the employment decision is final. This is why, nine times out of ten, it’s best to go with a search firm. It’ll cost you less than $80 per candidate, you can rely on the information, and keep yourself from seeing the information you’re not supposed to. Find out what information you are allowed to request according to your State laws. Please do not include any confidential or sensitive information in a contact form, text message, or voicemail. The contact form sends information by non-encrypted email, which is not secure.

Candidate Faqs

Is the information in your criminal record completely unrelated to the duties of the position? Any of these can help show the employer may have illegally rejected your application based on information in your background check.If you feel comfortable, you can try talking to the employer directly. If this happens, make sure that you write down afterward exactly what the employer said!

Background checks are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act , but you should know that there are an array of other laws that affect them, depending on state and region. The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

Employers have an obligation to create a safe workplace for employees. Yet 36% of employers reported workplace violence incidents, according to a SHRM study. These incidents result in physical or emotional harm to employees and customers as well as damage to company operations and resources.

A general background check includes identity verification, employment verification, credit history, driving records, criminal records, and qualifications confirmation. However, this depends on the type of background check you would like done. Finding out where a candidate has lived will make it easier to verify other research, and may reveal jurisdictions where criminal background checks should be performed. The law sets certain rules that the employer must follow in the hiring process and in deciding whether to hire someone with a record.

OFAC administers and enforces economic sanctions programs primarily against countries and groups of individuals, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers. The sanctions can be comprehensive or selective, using the blocking of assets and trade restrictions to accomplish foreign policy and national security goals. This search spans multiple geographies with varying regulations and regional considerations, and so the results are subject to availability and applicable reporting limitations. The State Search service searches a state’s repository or state police records for criminal information, and can provide an alternative source for criminal record information in the state. The Federal Court Search is for crimes that are prosecuted in federal district courts, including convictions and pending cases for charges such as international/inter-state drug trafficking, kidnapping, and other federal-level crimes.

Just as you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report, you are also entitled to a free copy of any background check or criminal history report obtained an employer. You can request the copy from the employer or the reporting agency that ran the report. Hiring is one of the riskiest decisions a hiring manager or business owner makes.

In other cases, the employer may actually give you a helpful explanation that really can help you to improve your job applications in the future. In this case, it may be difficult to show that the employer actually rejected you based on your background check report. The types of checks a potential employee could conduct include a criminal background check, references at prior jobs, and verification of an applicant’s education. Before searching for such information, the employer should fully disclose the nature of the search in the form of a signed legal release.

County Court Record Search

For an employee who must interview several candidates for one open position, the costs can add up rather quickly. By using Workable and Checkr combined, you will remain fully compliant and you’ll have saved your hiring team time and effort. Use the information from your background check reports to make more informed hiring decisions. If the decision to do so is based on his race, color, ethnicity, age , gender, religion, national origin, or genetic information . For example, conducting criminal or financial history background checks only on applicants or employees of a certain race is discriminatory.

Background Checks

Submitting a contact form, sending a text message, making a phone call, or leaving a voicemail does not create an attorney-client relationship. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and multinational business from Florida State University and a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. Her work has appeared online at Bill Savings, Money Smart Life and Mortgage Loan. Give candidates an opportunity to respond to any information that you find. Don’t ask for information about character while verifying previous employment facts.

Social Security Validation

Our key services and technologies enable us to provide unique and powerful solutions for your background check program. Together, these steps allow us to enable industry-leading turnaround times, accuracy you can trust, and automation for efficient and effective client experiences. Sterling doesn’t just use technology alone for our background check services.

Can An Employer Perform A Criminal History Check Without Making A Formal Offer Of Employment?

Employers are still prohibited from using public information obtained to discriminate against applicants for a protected reason. The Enhanced Nationwide Criminal Database searches State, County, and Corrections criminal record databases to locate additional jurisdictions where a candidate may have committed a crime. Prior to reporting, possible felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending cases are verified against primary source court records to validate the record before it is reported during employment background investigations.

If the employer does not give you these documents, you may have a legal claim against them for violating your rights under background check laws. However, you will need to show that they employer’s decision was actually based on information in your background check report and NOT for other reasons. The employer can give you this notice orally, in writing, or electronically, but it must be within 3 business days of the employer’s final decision. Explain that the results of this background check will contribute to hiring decisions and passing the check is a pre-condition of employment. You must provide notice to an applicant screened out of the hiring process because of a criminal conviction to allow him to demonstrate why the criminal conviction should not be considered. Finally, remember that a person who has a criminal conviction expunged under Utah law may legally respond to any inquiry as though the criminal arrest or conviction did not occur.

Information about free background check services, and a step-by-step guide to doing your own. Read our article on Full Life Cycle Recruiting to see where a background check fits in the journey from attracting potential employees to eventually bringing them onboard. Extremely important for positions of trust, this check is included with most background checks.

Sterling combines advanced proprietary technology with the human touch to provide high-quality results, advancing our pursuit of continuous improvement in the services we offer. For example, our own CourtDirect technology enables us to expand our digital access to court records. By leveraging assisted and augmented intelligence since 2017, we offer noteworthy improvements in turnaround time. We complete 60% in the first 15 mins, 70% in the first hour, and 90% in the first day for criminal background searches. When you’ve decided on the person you’d like to hire, an employment background check will provide extra reassurance that your candidate is qualified for the position and will pose no legal threat to your business.

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