TMF – Manual Extraction Furnaces

///TMF – Manual Extraction Furnaces
TMF – Manual Extraction Furnaces2018-10-20T06:30:58+05:30
Topcast TMF are induction furnaces of small size capable of melting any type of metal: ferrous, non-ferrous metals, precious.
The crucible is extractable by means of special clamps, so the capacity is limited and the use is intended for small workshops.

The frequency converter design approach uses parallel resonant typology adopting the latest and most advanced IGBTs and SCRs modules available worldwide.
Induction coil is electrically insulated from AC power mains, in order to ensure maximum safety to the user, while digital technology makes these furnaces soundless, versatile and reliable.
Fibre optics connections give the highest immunity to electrical noise also in harsh environment.

An accurate study of the coil guarantees a very high heating efficiency while medium frequency magnetic field stirs the molten metal and leads to high homogeneity of the alloys

Temperature control can be chosen between IR optical pyrometer and thermocouple while the electronic board implements an advanced self-tuning thermoregulation algorithm with exact temperature control.

Maintenance of the furnace is very easy. The furnace is crucible-based and allows rapid changing of the crucible and the safety refractory shell.
Inert gas or gas-flame are foreseen to protect the melt from oxidation.
Touch screen display in provided for a fast and user-friendly interface.
A water cooling plant is needed to cool the induction heating coils and the power supply.

Technical data

Crucible capacity 6 kg Gold
3 kg Silver
2.4 kg Brass
8.5 kg Gold
4.2 kg Silver
3.4 kg Brass
13.5 kg Gold
7.7 kg Silver
5.4 kg Brass
17 kg Gold
8.5 kg Silver
6.8 kg Brass
1 kg Steel 3 kg Steel
Power 5 kW 7 kW 10 kW 12 kW 10 kW 12 kW
Max. temperature 1350°C 1350°C 1400°C 1450°C 1800°C 1800°C
Melting time 15 min 15 min 15 min 20 min 4 min 10 min