TMA-W – Water Metal Atomizer

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Powder Atomisation Plant

TMA-W is a family of water atomizers designed to produce metal powders of irregular shape, to be used in industrial, chemical, soldering paste, resin filters, MIM and sintering applications.

The atomizer is based on an induction furnace, working in a closed chamber under protective atmosphere, where the molten metal is poured and hit by a jet of high pressure water, producing fine and deoxidized powders.

Induction heating ensures a very good homogenization of the melt thanks to the action of magnetic stirring during the molten phase.

The die unit is equipped with an extra induction generator, which allows to restart the cycle in case of cycle interruption.

Following the steps of melting and homogenization, the metal is poured vertically through an injection system positioned on the lower base of the crucible (nozzle).

Multiple streams of high pressure water are aimed and focused on the metal beam in order to ensure a fast alloy solidification in the form of fine powder.

Real-time process variables such as temperature, gas pressure, induction power, oxygen ppm content in the chamber and many others, are displayed in both numerical and graphical format on a monitoring system for an intuitive understanding of the working cycle.

The system can be operated manually or in fully automatic mode, thanks to the programmability of the entire set of the process

parameters via a user-friendly touch-screen interface.

The monitoring system can be easily connected via Ethernet to the factory network.

Technology & Features

Metals and Field of Application

  • Atomized Metals: Cu, Zn, Au, Ag and their alloys like Bronze and Brass.
  • Field of Applications: industrial, chemical, soldering paste, resin filters, MIM and sintering applications


  • Advanced Self Tuning thermoregulation (AST™) with exact temperature control of the melted alloys
  • S-type thermocouple positioned inside the stopper
  • Two Set-Points available: Homogenization and Casting Temperature
  • Medium frequency induction heating stirs the melted alloy and leads to a perfect homogeneity
  • Pulse Stirring Management (PSM™) for an extremely low frequency stirring
  • Second generator for indipendent heating of the die

Atomizing Process

  • Pressure / Flow regulation of water jet

Inert gas

  • The melting process can be protected with Argon, Nitrogen or Helium

Special features

  • Automatic self-test of vacuum sealings, o-rings, seals and filters
  • Factory Network Connection: RS232, Ethernet
  • Troubleshooting: Connecting to an on-line via modem


  • Oxygen Analyzer: Measurement of oxygen present in the melting chamber
  • Lid Locking System: Lock chamber (temperature-dependent)

Technical data

TMA20w TMA40w
Crucible working capacity up to 7,5 kg Bronze
9 kg Silver
17 kg Gold
up to 40 kg Bronze
50 kg Silver
90 kg Gold
Atomizing media water water
Crucible volume up to 1500 cc up to 7000 cc
Induction power 20 kW 40 kW
Maximum Pressure up to 300 bar up to 300 bar
Max. temperature 1600 °C 1600 °C
Process time 30 minutes 50 minutes
Autotest with data report Provided Provided
Monitoring system for data acquisition Available on request Available on request
Vacuum leakage detector Provided Provided
Oxygen Analyzer Available on request Available on request
Remote assistance Provided Provided
Main alloys Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu), Brass, Bronze, Aluminium (Al) and their alloys

Provided Provided – Available on request Available on request