TVCd-G – Closed system granulator

///TVCd-G – Closed system granulator
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Topcast TVCd-G furnaces are used to produce high quality and homogenous master alloys grains, starting from raw material molten by induction heating in a protective atmosphere, and then poured into a water / alcohol tank passing through a multi-hollowed crucible that acts as flow breaker.
Melting and pouring phases are protected by inert gas, which can be chosen between Argon, Nitrogen or Helium.

The induction generator is designed to allow the homogenization of the alloy thanks to the stirring effect of the magnetic field which works while the metal is being melted in the crucible.

Water in the tank is continuously circulating and it is cooled by a powerful chiller to keep the process variables under control and obtaining consistency and quality in the produced grains.
The granulator is provided with a heat-exchanger, filters and water pump to separate the process water from the cooling water.

After granulation, a two valves interlock system allows for grains recovery while the process water remains in the process chamber.
This avoids to transfer the process water to a back-up tank after pouring for then re-transfer back the same to the process tank after filtering the water from the grains.
These grains will be finally placed in a resistors heated centrifugal drier to remove humidity.
The machine is fully automatic having a countless number of programs for every kind of alloy.
The control logic is provided with a PC based data acquisition system aimed to sample the process variables with reporting function after every casting cycle.
Data can be display in graphic format or exported to external PC for analysis.
The furnace can be provided with an Oxygen analyser to control and monitor the oxygen content present in the melting chamber during the cycle.


 Gas Purging Procedure

  • Crucible loading operation introduces oxygen
  • The Gas Purging procedure removes the oxygen with Argon, Nitrogen or Helium gas.


  • Advanced Self Tuning thermoregulation (AST™) with exact temperature control of the melted alloys
  • Two Thermocouples Temperature Measurement: N-type. (up to 1250°C)
    • One Thermocouple in the stopper
    • One Thermocouple inside the crucible wall
  • On request the machine can be supplied with S-Type thermocouple (up to 1600°C)
  • Medium frequency induction heating stirs the melted alloy and leads to a perfect homogeneity
  • Pulse Stirring Management (PSM™) for an extremely low frequency stirring

Injection and Flow Control

  • When the stopper lifts up, it is very important to control the injection rate to increase consistency in grains dimensions
  • TVC has the unique feature to have the injection rate controllable and programmable (IRC™)
  • The metal exits the crucible with a narrow, constant and straight beam. Turbulences can be controlled and minimized acting on the program’s parameters.

Technical Specification

(Customized models are available on request with special features)

TVC12d-G TVC25d-G TVC35d-G TVC45d-G
Crucible volume 500 cc 2-3 liter 4 liter 7 liter
Crucible working capacity 3 kg Bronze 18 kg Bronze 24 kg Bronze 42 kg Bronze
7 kg Gold 30 kg Gold 56 kg Gold 100 kg Gold
Induction Power 12 kW 25 kW 35 kW 45 kW
Vacuum pump Internal Internal Internal Internal
Differential Pressure 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar
Maximum temperature Provided 1250°C   /   Available on request 1600°C
Autotest with data report Provided Provided Provided Provided
Monitoring system Available on request Provided Provided Provided
Water tank check before pouring Provided Provided Provided Provided
Vacuum leakage detector Provided Provided Provided Provided
Oxygen Analyzer Available on request Available on request Available on request Available on request
Remote assistance Provided Provided Provided Provided
Main alloys Based on Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu); Brass, Bronze

Provided Provided – Available on request Available on request