FCC – Burnout and De-waxing

///FCC – Burnout and De-waxing
FCC – Burnout and De-waxing2018-10-20T06:41:49+05:30

Burnout oven with dewaxer

TOPCAST offers a wide range of investment burnout furnaces for baking molds. They provide also wax removal and collection functions.

The furnace insulation has been designed to have low thermal losses and low thermal inertia. The structure can be easily removed for heating elements replacement and a special steel basin for wax collection is placed under the flasks.

The ovens are equipped of dewaxer and vent valve for the complete removal of the residual wax.

A cycle programmer easy to use allows various burnout programmes for different needs.

The front door may be fit with a trolley to move the mold (version FCC-TE).

An electric afterburner can be added as option to purify exhaust fumes from wax odours.

Technical Specification

Muffle dimensions (LxWxH,cm) 40x40x60 45x45x62 50x65x75 60x85x95 80x134x95 80x208x120
Nominal Power 6 kW 10 kW 13 kW 22 kW 32 kW 50 kW
Overall dimensions(LxPxH,cm) 80x86x168 85x91x170 93x117x184 103x140x204 127x203x217 127x277x217
Max Temperature 1080°C 1080°C 1080°C 1080°C 1080°C 1080°C