Where is Check Into Cash Corporate office Headquarters

//Where is Check Into Cash Corporate office Headquarters

Where is Check Into Cash Corporate office Headquarters

Where is Check Into Cash Corporate office Headquarters

About Check Into Cash, History and Headquarters Information

Check Into Cash was incorporated by Allan Jones in 1993 in Cleveland, Tennessee. This company experienced growth and is now owns more than 1000 branch locations in 30 different states. It is headquartered in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Check Into Cash, Inc. provides financial services to its customers. The Company provides a line of services such as Western Union money transfers and money order, check cashing, ATM access, online payday advances, in-store check cashing, payday loans, reloadable prepaid debit cards, cash advances, small-dollar credit solutions, Western UnionĀ®, walk-in Bill Pay, Check Cashing, bill pay, and title loans. Check into Cash provides its products and services to its customers across the United States. This bank is a founding member of the Community Financial Services Association of America,

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Please DO NOT LOAN HERE. OR ANY LENDER LIKE THEM SUCH AS ADVANCE FINANCIAL, CHECK N GO, etc…These are PREDATORIAL LENDERS….Check Into Cash makes it IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY THEM OFF. I only borrowed $1080 and ended up paying over $2000 involving that 279% APR INTEREST RATE to get this paid off and closed. AVOID AT ALL COST OR GO WITHOUT.

Previously, I have done business with Check & A Cash several times.Some staff have been nice, a few have changed, the store manager has been aggressive, and occasionally helpful. It’s somewhat challenging to do business at this particular store. Due to the fact their database malfunctions can’t get a receipt, and the staff gets upset when I request them to create one.

Recently, I applied for a payday loan, their database shut down. During my transaction the Store manager reacted impatient, unpleasant, and rude. She got upset because I requested to receive verification of my payday loan with repayment date. She abruptly refused my request, and insisted I leave the Store, which I did. I contacted their corporate office, and was not able to reach anyone.

However, I received a message from the Regional Store Manager. I explained the situation to him, and he responded as if he was reluctant to believe me. Moreover, my goal was to finalize the payday loan process, and get verification of the transaction. Overall, I am disappointed with the terrible customer service I have received. I will no longer patronize their business.

I got a $200 loan from your store in Nampa Idaho today… I was not informed that I would be receiving a hard credit check! This is not something that you used to do. Although I haven’t been in for a while, the manager of that store should’ve told me! I’m trying to refinance my house right now… I am not happy and when the loans paid off I will never be back! Horrible customer service!

This company has illegally held my title to my car for months after loan being paid in full. I NEED A CONTACT TO REACH OUT

I’m a Dr. in Pismo Beach CA that is ALSO a CA Board Certified Real Estate Appraiser that brought a small ($875) check in the Oceanic/Arroyo Grande office today issued from another Major Real Estate Appraisal Company as Payment for an Appraisal, and the rude disgustingly dressed fat slob at the payday loans in East Liverpool counter not only moved at a ridiculously slow snails-pace on purpose (overheard Him complaining about being short-staffed/alone/solo),; but then after 49 mins declined it’s worth-

You have 2 Major CO’s & myself whom is on the Brea’s website as a CA Board Certified Appraiser, but yet an Appraisal-Check isn’t worthy-

Are You People that stupid to piss-off 2 Major Legit CO’s , with Myself present as the Owner of 1 of the 2 in a time of need? YES YOU AR THAT STUPID, AND ITS SAD AND UN-CALLED FOR IN THIS COUNTRY-.

Seems as though someone of your high status would have mobile deposit or a bank where a check could be cashed.

People need to be really careful of this lender. For a payday lender it is very important to do whats called a lite hit on someone’s credit. Which the majority of all the other payday lenders use. If you choose this lender for payday loans be advised they could destroy your credit.This business does hard credit checks that cause your credit score to go down in points. And they simply don’t care about doing it either. By doing the hard credit hit or sometime hits on your account every two weeks your score will go backwards many points. To me this should be against the law. These folks don’t mind, its about your credit score not theirs. Hopefully the government will not loan to this lender ANYTHING at all. People that use this service to get by in many low income locations. I have done business with these people and they do have some really good people in some locations. Biggest problem here is once they get your credit score down you will always be using them because your credit score is very low. The upper management really think they are so smart by killing your credit score. To me they are breaking good lending practices. Best thing to do here is get ahold of your governor, senator, or house member and send them your credit scores after using these folks. Its time to change the way these people do business.

I visited the Check into Cash Store in Delavan Wisconsin to pay my bill on . The music that they were playing in the store to me was very offensive and shouldn’t have been playing in the store. The music they playing was sexual in nature where it was talking about eating clit, etc. I also am not happy the way the management treats their customers. They can very rude and unprofessional plus when I went to pay my bill on 4-10-2020 I paid the full balance I owed then they called me and said I owed a past balance of $13. Why couldn’t they tell me that why I was at the store? Thank You for your time concerning this matter.

You need to investigate your desert hot springs office in CA manager there is very flirtatious and is making advances on elderly gentlemen. So very unprofessional especially since she has a husband and child at home in yucca valley CA.

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